Pispala Graffiti Art

So the city I’m living in in Finland, Tampere, is historically a workers’ city. Lots of factories. In a place called Pispala, there’s an old abandoned factory that became a hub for Graffiti art. Aparently it has got a name for itself over the years, within Europe. Sadly though, it’s being knocked down this summer. Monuments of urban art mean little when there’s money to be made in their place, it seems. Such is the world we living in. Anyway I was there today and snapped some shots.

17996_848028881949920_4417900685706319992_n 1619122_848029128616562_7920971127038297031_n 10923257_848028761949932_336644317113644617_n 11021118_848028945283247_3389390471944685261_n 11038786_848029041949904_5479923757569981623_n 11148707_848028861949922_819248711725081416_n 11169415_848029145283227_6381273428036128322_n 11174767_848028785283263_3082695575328694264_n 11205584_848028958616579_5019417406480642732_n 11248700_848028731949935_5603546709565238366_n 11351242_848028748616600_7303415163760496493_n 11377372_848028808616594_6648098082578268529_n 11390285_848029175283224_105960112868145532_n 11391212_848029105283231_9109957509944260456_n 11391412_848028998616575_380494943707891150_n 11391455_848029158616559_7093588913077110994_n 11391532_848028975283244_8051097372112558701_n IMG_1969 IMG_1978


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