What I find frustrating

A physicist rightly gets frustrated when someone like Deepak Chopra tries to co-opt quantum physics to his own end, without taking the time to understand what modern physicists are up to. And the same goes for the creationist who clearly hasn’t taken the time to understand what Darwin was saying. Yet, what baffles me is how many persons who feel this frustration go on to critique religion in an equally naive sort of way, demonstrating that they have clearly, like the creationist, not taken the time to look into the research that is done on religion, whether it be in theology, the history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, or humanistic study, of religion. These same persons who complain about anti-GMOers or creationists for not taking the time to properly look into what they critique go on to reduce religion to oftentimes ridiculous generalizations. As someone who has decided to make the study of religion his life work, this is what frustrates me. The moral of the story: try to understand something before you critique it.


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