Feminism isn’t a Credential


I’ll just say this:

Feminism isn’t a credential. As if wearing a t-shirt makes you any less a participant in a system of oppression. As Jesus said, you know a tree by it’s fruits. This is just like the Pharisees, who had nuff talk about God, making themselves feel good about their own righteousness, all the while doing shit for the less fortunate. Then Jesus land pon de scene and say “nah, fuck that, God ain’t a credential to be worn like your tzitzit or tallit. Let’s start doing things differently, let’s start a collective set apart from the current one.”

Same way the support of LGTBQ rights has become a credential to be worn by any western politician worth his or her salt. The LGTBQ community should, as Jesus said, be “wise as a serpent” and exercise suspicion with regard to this. Our actions make us an ally, not our words.


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